Scrappy Sunday – Lots of Pages!

I’m having a great time scrapping and playing at The Lilypad this year. So much so, that at the beginning of October, when they announced they were looking for more Pollys (TLP team members), I applied. I wasn’t selected but that didn’t slow me down. In fact, I’m scrapping more than ever! I completed most of the challenges offered by both the TLP forum and the designers there.

One of my favorites is this review of my costumes over the years. It was not even a challenge prompt. It was inspired by a forum thread, in which we were talking about whether we dress up for Halloween. I have very few times. For credits and to see the layout larger, see it in my Scrapbook gallery.


I love the technique challenges at TLP. For one in October, we practiced making gradients. On this page the zigzag paper gradually blends into a solid black paper using a gradient layer. This page also tells a story well, which is another thing that makes a page a favorite for me. For credits and to see the page bigger, look at it in my Scrapbook gallery.


Finally, even though I already shared this directly to Facebook, I have to include it in this post, because I think it’s my most favorite page I made in October. I worked for quite a long time on it (in bursts throughout a full day) and it’s so meaningful to me. It commemorates my achieving (and surpassing) a goal. Yes, it was a small goal. But I had really slacked off on reading real novels previously, so I wasn’t confident. Now I know I can read at least one novel per month, which I think is a very decent amount, considering it’s my third hobby after photography and digital scrapbooking. To actually read this layout (and its product credits) visit my 2016 Scrapbook Gallery and scroll down a bit. They’re easy to see; they’re the only purple pages.


Thank you for reading my blog. Stay tuned. I promise more is coming soon!


Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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