Project 365: October

I am still at it! I still haven’t missed any days of my Project 365 this year. This will be the first year that is true, even though I’ve considered myself to be doing Project 365 since the beginning of 2009. It has been difficult sometimes. Too often, especially in the last couple of months, I’ve neglected to make a picture all day and then scrambled to do it in the evening just to get it done. Sometimes I’ve felt uninspired. But the important thing is that I’ve practiced my craft every single day. Even on the occasional days I only managed to use my iPhone, I could practice paying attention to light and composition.

Here’s a slideshow of 9 of my favorites from October. You’ll see where I sat in a church parking lot reading while Caroline rehearsed for Into The Woods, one of my favorite photos from the Photo Scavenger Hunt I led on October 1st (the Old Stone Warehouse in downtown Fredericksburg), Rhiannon learning guitar, my political bumper stickers on my van, some Halloween decor in our house, my desk AFTER I finally cleaned up the mess, and Ian bravely taking the last Jenga block leading to the tower collapse. Click here to see ALL of my 2016 Project 365 photos in reverse chronological order.

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