Scrappy Saturday – What Matters Most

One of the challenges at The Lilypad this month, the journaling challenge, was to scrap about what matters most. I like to use my scrapping to express myself sometimes too. Even just feelings or ideas sometimes. Not all of my scrapbook pages record events. I made pages both before the election and after the election recently. And, with it still feeling like a tumultuous time, I kept thinking that what matters most in life is respect. So here’s what I made for this challenge.


See the page larger and read the product credits in my scrapbook gallery. Or if you’d rather just read the words, I’ll paste them below. Note! I ramble. I know this is not a well-organized essay. I’m expressing myself, not writing a thesis or even a persuasive essay. I would love for someone to be inspired by it, but my scrapping is more of a heart thing, not a brain thing. I do edit and revise, but mostly I let it pour out so the point is the honesty, not thoroughness or documentation. Maybe someday I’ll write more on this subject, but in a blog post, not a scrapbook page. As always, I am open to discussion in the comments below; just please be respectful!

Respect is what really matters. The diversity on this earth is awesome. And it’s also just a matter of fact. Every single human is an individual with their own perspective, their own experiences, and their own unique set of genes. I have always felt like celebrating differences and have so much trouble understanding how they are problems for some people. My color, my sexuality, my beliefs, all of these things are just me; they don’t hurt anyone else. If you think abortion is wrong, don’t have one, but leave it up to other women to decide for themselves. If you are bothered by gay marriage, don’t get gay married. And don’t worry; it’s not catching. I’ve been reading so many stories of gay and lesbian couples on Pantsuit Nation lately; it’s beautiful. And everyone has a little of this and a little of that because the world has been more and more of a melting pot as time goes on. I watched the little video of the group of people who proudly talked about their ethnic heritage, then had genetic testing and some were astonished to discover how much more variety they have in their lineage than they knew. We truly are stronger together; that’s not just a pretty slogan. Fighting wrecks things. Working together builds things. And all it takes is respect. Respect is the root of my parenting. If everyone could find it in their hearts to give everyone respect, we could work together and the world would be peaceful. What I mean by respect is allowing others to live their lives. Almost everyone only wants to be themselves and do good. They are not doing anything to spite you. They just are who they are, with their own pespectives, experiences, genes, etc. just like you. I think respect is deserved until proven otherwise. If I’m treated with disrespect, I will no longer engage, which some people might consider disrespectful. But it could be seen as another way of being respectful, because it’s not attacking back. Live and let live. Someone else’s color, culture, etc. is not hurting you. And it’s not just a matter of community. Respect is what matters most in all relationships from parent-child to friends to neighbors, extended family, and fellow shoppers. Perhaps it’s most crucially important in adult-child relationships because kids are learning about life in our world, becoming who they will be. Show them the world is a respectful, loving place and it will become more and more so. It’s simply accepting differences. Respect is what really matters.


Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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