Gratitude and November

In November I wrote on the daily gratitude prompts posted on The Lilypad. Some people made a scrapbook page about each prompt, but that’s too many for me. (My annual album I just printed was thicker than ever!) So I compiled them all into one two-page layout.

I’m generally a grateful sort of person all year, but here are the things I thought about in November.


You can zoom in on it and read it in my gallery here if you’d like. Credits are there too.

Today I built my November 2016 layout. “Build” is a very accurate word for layouts containing so many pictures! It’s like putting a puzzle together! Sometimes I make myself a template ahead of time. The disadvantage to that method, however, is that I don’t know which photos I want bigger. I can adjust the sizes of the photos in the template of course, but sometimes I want to just decide as I go. The disadvantage then is that I end up squeezing the last photos in a the bottom of the page!


I will continue making monthly summary pages like this though, because I make so many photos this is a good way to make sure I include as many as I can, especially the more ordinary everyday quick snapshot type. In fact, after the huge album I just printed I resolved to never again make pages with only one photo. I’m going to try to always have at least 3 photos on a page; 5 is even better! I don’t want to cram 15 onto every page, but at least 3-5. Here’s the readable credited page in my gallery.


Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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