I Miss Reading Aloud

2000 summer vacation paris tuileries reading michele.jpg
2000: I really have been an avid reader all my life, but I think this is one of the few photos I have of me reading. I’m reading a Michael Crichton novel in the Tuileries in Paris with Robert.

One of my most favorite things in life has been reading aloud to my three kids at bedtime. I hardly even remember making a conscious decision to do it. I might have always assumed I would, being an avid reader longer than I can remember. I would check out books from my school library most days in elementary school, devour them that evening, and return them the following day. Reading is as much a part of my life as eating.

So I have no idea what books were first for our nightly read alouds. I do remember Rhiannon was only 3 when she requested her dad read Lord of The Rings to her. He does better voices, my kids say, and when Rhiannon was 3 Caroline was a baby and I was still learning to be a mom of two kids, so I appreciated him taking over some of the bedtime routine. But I’ve done most of the reading aloud because I love it so much. When Rhiannon was just turning 6, a few months before Deathly Hallows was released, she asked me to read Harry Potter to her because her friends kept talking about it and playing it. I consider myself lucky for that timing. Even though I’d collected the first four books while I was teaching in the the late 1990’s, I hadn’t read any yet, so in 2007 I read the entire series back to back, with just a short wait for Deathly Hallows to come out in July.

 2012 02 08 bedtime 036-13.jpg
2012: The bedtime read aloud routine was still strong, though I wasn’t doing all the reading anymore. Sometimes, like during the sad scenes that made me cry, Rhiannon would helpfully take over. And sometimes they just wanted to have a turn to read. The book in the photo is Wacky Wednesday, a very old favorite I remember from my own childhood.
Click here to see most of the books I listed on my Goodreads page

I will always think of Harry Potter when I think of our bedtime read aloud routine, because I read through all seven books several times. Each kid asked me to read it at least twice. We were huge fans (and Rhiannon refers to it as a classic, a standard to which to compare other books).  But we read a lot of other books too. Just off the top of my head, and with a little help from Goodreads (which is not complete because I only really started using it this year), here are some books we enjoyed together at bedtimes:  The Magic Treehouse series (loved the history, but the simplified text makes it annoying as a read-aloud!); The Last of The Really Great Whangdoodles; the Little House books; the Anne of Green Gables series; Half Magic by Edward Eager; The Biggest Bed in the World by Lindsay Camp; Corduroy; Strega Nona; A Bad Case of the Stripes; the Ramona Quimby books; Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith’s hilarious books including The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales; I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato by Lauren Child; Mouse Tales by Arnold Lobel; the Penderwicks books; many many Magic School Bus books; A Wrinkle in Time; The City of Ember series; Rick Riordan’s books, beginning with Percy Jackson. The Percy Jackson books are among the last I read aloud to all of three of them. I didn’t actually get to finish because the kids loved the books so much (and sometimes I fell asleep while trying to read) so they took the books and read for themselves. Note: I only listed picture books they loved enough to read over and over and over again.

I think Rhiannon has been my child who most enjoyed read aloud because she stuck around for them and requested them the longest. The change was gradual, so I’m having trouble remembering when our bedtime read alouds ended. I think it took most of 2014 and 2015 to transition. First Rhiannon gradually stopped, and then Caroline soon after. Ian keep asking me to read to him for quite a lot longer, but I think the last time was last winter. So several times this year I have found myself missing reading aloud.

I know we could still read aloud together any time and occasionally we do. But it doesn’t seem meant to be a regular routine anymore. Well, I’m glad it lasted a long time and I treasured it while we had it. Now the way we enjoy books together is to share what we read sometimes, and occasionally read the same books and discuss them. And I’m thinking I may find new opportunities for reading aloud in the future.

This was inspired by today’s prompt – missing – from The Daily Post at WordPress.

More photos from those bedtime read aloud years:

2004: Rhiannon, age 3, looking at an old book of fairy tales from Robert’s childhood, which we read from for a while this year. You can also see here how we had our crib attached to our king size bed. Caroline was 12 months old when I took this photo.
2007 Feb 05 022.JPG
2007: In the early days, I could have taken a photo every morning as a record of last night’s reading. If I had kept a record, what a mighty list that would be!
2008 12 22 002.JPG
2008: This might have been the year we began our family tradition of sleeping by the Xmas tree. And the last couple of years we have added to the the tradition by reading aloud all the Christmas scenes from the Harry Potter novels. Note: I suggest reading them in reverse chronological order, so they grow happier as you go.
2009 08 13 001.JPG
2009: For a while all 3 were sleeping in this big bunk bed. I’d sit on the edge of the bottom bunk or in a nearby rocking chair and one of my girls would be in the top bunk and the other two kids in the bottom bunk.
2009 05 15 001.JPG
2009: I acquired most of my children’s books before I even had kids of my own.
2010 May 03 001.JPG
2010: Yet another configuration of beds. We’ve had countless arrangements of beds in all four of our bedrooms in this house. The consistent thing was bedtime read-aloud.
2011 01 25_caroline reading_2099.JPG
2011: Caroline started asking for turns to read before I read to them.


 2012 09 16 sunday practice 008.jpg
2012: the sloppy bedside shelf of a reading family
 2012 01 06 open gym 003.JPG
2012: For a while we filled this room with a queen bed and a twin bed pushed together and we read aloud together and fell asleep together. All 3 kids are in this photo. 🙂


 2012 12 12 twelve twelve twelve 035.jpg
2012: Cinnamon, the big plush dog, has been with us for many years, serving as a pillow during bedtime reading. He still lives in Ian’s room today.
 2013 02 13 thirteenth 010-2.jpg
2013: I usually read in the dark with a book light. We had a few of this style that lay flat on the page. The Princess Bride the movie was a big hit with my kids; the book less so.
 2013 12 01 dream 004.jpg
2013: Proof we read Harry Potter a lot. 🙂
 2014 02 05 untitled 004.JPG
2014: See, Cinnamon the doggy pillow. And this is one of the first books Ian read himself.
2015: By this time, my girls were both usually going to bed on their own, but occasionally still joining in or even offering to read to Ian. Here, Rhiannon has invited her siblings into her bed to read from The Dragon Book.



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