Around Our Clock: 3 p.m.

It’s time for another round of our Around Our Clock blog circle! This month we’re sharing photos of our 3:00 hour. On November 6 in this hour Ian was testing out his new Lego catapult toy.

Lego Catapult

On November 9 I decided to learn how to use a camera remote. My perplexed look is because I struggled to get the remote to work. But I also looked this way a lot on this day because of the election.

Learning to Use a Camera Remote (And My Post-Election Confused/D

On Thanksgiving day the 3:00 hour saw our table set by my daughter Caroline and the turkey nearly ready.

Caroline Set The Table

Shown in this photo are stuffing, a pan simmering the turkey’s liver, etc., and a pot of boiling potatoes. The pan in back would soon hold frying bacon for the spinach salad.

Feast On The Way

We never got around to whipping the cream on Thanksgiving day. We didn’t need it because Rhiannon made cheesecake and no one else cares to have whipped cream on pumpkin pie. So two days later, in the 3:00 hour, Rhiannon made some peanut butter brownies and whipped the cream for those.

Whipping Cream

That’s all from me. But there’s more from my blog circle friends. Next, see what 3:00 looks like for Stephanie Bryan.



    • 🙂 I phrased that poorly. I should have said no one cared enough to bother whipping the cream that day, and there was more interest in the cheesecake than the pumpkin pie. We all do like whipped cream though.


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