Finally, after 7 years, my Project 365 has 365 photos!

I started my first Project 365 January 1, 2009. I continued doing it every year, but my reasons and method varied every year and I missed a lot of days. In 2009 and 2010 I was doing it just for recording life. I didn’t even get my first DSLR until June 2010. I made weekly scrapbook pages with 7 photos each week. For the next few years I took many classes at Clickinmoms (affiliate link, thanks!) and at CreativeLIVE (aka became obsessed with photography) and my Project 365 became more about improving my skills. But I never felt bad about missing days and missed a lot. Especially last year. I may have skipped more days than ever in 2015. But this year, somehow, I just got determined and the longer I kept it up the more determined I got and the easier it became, as picking up my camera became a habit. I don’t think I did anything particularly different than the last few years. Maybe the sort-of-hiatus I accidentally had in 2015 helped. Maybe the alarms I set on my phone helped; they jingled at me three times a day reminding to pick up my camera. I also let myself just take phone photos occasionally, especially in the second half of the year. After all, we can still practice looking for light and composition with the phone.

Here are all 365 of my pictures, one from each day in 2016!  😀 (Don’t try to count them. I couldn’t divide them up perfectly evenly in Lightroom and one row repeats.) Want to see them better? Here’s my 2016 Project 365 gallery.


Choosing favorite photos is almost as impossible as choosing favorite children, but I scrolled through my Project 365 collection in my Lightroom a couple of times this afternoon and adjusted my star ratings and narrowed my favorites down to these 10. It helped that I only chose people pictures. Those are the ones that bring me the most joy, but I think a good way to describe my preferred subject would be “things I love” and that includes nature, certain objects, and food, and I really like a few of my non-people photos from this year too. Maybe I’ll make another post for those.


Playing in the Snow The Day After the Blizzard
Day 024
Brother Sister Hug
Day 036
Kids' Pathfinder Game
Day 072
REACH Drama Squared Presents "Elementary: A Whodunit Riddle of F
Day 113
Noodles at the YMCA Pool Open Swim
Day 152 (May 31)
Playing a Pen & Paper Game
Day 280 (Oct 6)
Rhiannon Has Taken Up Guitar (And She Painted That Picture in Ea
Day 288 (Oct 14)
Driveway Chalk Art
Day 290 (Oct 16)
Family Room This Evening
Day 296 (Oct 22)
Caroine Asked Me to Help Her Clean Up Halloween Today
Day 306 (Nov 1)

Which is the most interesting to you?  Want to see more? There are 355 more in my Project 365 gallery.

Now, after 7 years, I’m ready to let go of Project 365. In 2017 I’m committing to the Clickinmoms (affiliate link, thanks!) Project 52. Every Sunday we get a theme/prompt/assignment. I will still pick up my camera most days — I’ve well established a daily habit of practicing photography — but I’m done with with the idea of taking a picture just because I have to get my photo-of-the-day. I will pick up my camera when something inspires me or I want to record something or work on an assignment.

I’m also currently working with a group studying The Visual Toolbox by David Duchemin. The book has 60 lessons in it (complete with assignments) and we’re completing one to three per week. This week we finished chapter 16, abstract photography, which explains my Day 365 photo.

And I’m continuing with the Around Our Clocks blog circle. Next week we’ll be sharing our 10:00 a.m. pictures. Stay tuned!


Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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