MOC Day 3 & 4 and Project 52

I forgot to post yesterday so I’ll share two scrapbook pages.

Yesterday’s challenge was a simple template. I hardly changed it, just adding an additional photo above the title with a paint mask. See it larger and view product credits in my gallery.


Today’s challenge was more challenging. We had to make a stylized title. This is one of the many great things we can do with Photoshop, but I’m sorry to say I rarely make use of the many styles I’ve collected in the 10 years I’ve been scrapping. So I was glad for the push to learn how to load styles in Photoshop. I’ve been using Photoshop CC for two years but hadn’t used any styles other than the ones I make myself for shadowing in several years.


See it larger and view product credits in my gallery.

I also completed my photography goals for the week. I had been trying to think of something creative for my annual Project 52 Week 1 selfie but the only idea I came up with was to photograph myself in my van because I feel like such a chauffeur, driving my kids here and there so much. But I didn’t feel like setting that up and decided to go with a simple (sort of boring) portrait. I’m proud of it though, because in the past I’ve struggled to get exposure and focus right, but I got this on my first try. I used a tripod and a big box stood in for me to focus on. And I’ve just gotten pretty good at judging what settings I’ll need for good exposure from my 365 days of shooting practice in 2016!


I’ve created my 2017 Project 52 gallery now too.

Thanks for looking 🙂


Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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