MOC5 Days 5 through 9

I’m still keeping up with MOC5. Just can’t seem to blog every day. Some days I read or play games with my kids instead!


Last Thursday the 5th challenge of The Lilypad’s Month of Challenges was just an Artist Trading Card. That just means a 2.5″ x 3.5″ layout. And we were told to include a quote. I might add this to a full size scrapbook page someday. The part I like best about making this was learning about another photographer.


On Friday, Day 6, we were given an inspiration board. It consisted of a collage of photos and drawings and the challenge was to find 5 bits of inspiration in it. I started by opening Notepad and writing down some ideas. I was kind of busy this day and still hadn’t gotten started on my page in the evening. Luckily, there was a special MOC speed scrap planned for that evening and following the guidelines I completed the challenge!


I was inspired by white background in one of the pictures on the board, black & white photos and drawings, the color orange from the palette, a camera drawing, one of the quotes on the board, and a photo of seats that looked like typewriter keys (so I used a typewriter font). Probably the best part of making this layout was playing around in the artistic filters in Photoshop.


On Saturday the 7th the challenge was a “blind scrap.” We were given the following directions, and it’s called “blind” because we aren’t given a sample layout. (That’s actually just like a speed scrap without the time limit.)

1. Begin with a solid background.

2. Place one photo on the page, in or close to the center of the page. Note: You may add a stroke to your photo, but please do not add a frame.

3. Position a piece of patterned paper behind your photo. It should be slightly larger than the photo.

4. Tuck a transparency, journal card, or piece of ephemera (ticket stub, postcard, newspaper clipping, etc…) behind both the photo and patterned paper. Let it peek out a bit at the top.

5. Attach a tab or label to one side of the photo. It can be attached directly to the photo or peek out from under the layers. You may use a fastener (i.e. staple, brad, etc) if you like.

6. Place a title below the photo. You may use word art.

7. At the top of the page on the right side, attach at least one banner piece, ribbon snippet, or washi tape.

8. Add from one to three embellishments anywhere you like.

9. Journaling is allowed, but not required.

I asked if the rules were strict on the “one photo” direction and was asked to stick to just one. This conflicts with the resolution I made in November, while I was putting together the largest annual scrapbook album I’ve ever made, to never again make one-photo layouts. Not a problem of course. I have to follow the directions to earn the ultimate MOC prize ($20 for the store and a chance to be a Polly) but I can do whatever I want with my own copy of my scrapbook pages. But before I made the layout I happened to participate in a fun forum thread and I decided my reply would make great journaling on a scrapbook page. So I took advantage of step 9!  😀  I also made my one allowed photo Very Big!

I made a second page on Saturday when I participated in another speed scrap, the MIS (Make It Snappy) sponsored by one of the great template designers at TLP, Scrapping With Liz. I should go back and edit the journaling. I rushed it so I’d be finished by the early deadline.


On Sunday, my official scrapping day, our 8th challenge was called “All About … .” We could tell all about any subject. I felt like I’d already made pages about myself this month so I didn’t want to make another. Interviewing the kids is a fun idea I like to do periodically, but I recently made 2016 reviews for Ian and Caroline (and will make one for Rhiannon eventually). I wanted to think of something different. After thinking for a while I came up with the idea of making a page about Where I Live, which then evolved into comparing both places I’ve lived.


It started to feel like I was doing a research paper for school as I googled and searched Wikipedia articles for the information I wanted, but I was having fun and learning things I hadn’t known!  I wasn’t satisfied with the requirement of just having 5 things about my subject. The second page isn’t as impressive as you might think though. It’s just Wikipedia articles copied, pasted, and edited to fit. I spent a couple hours on these pages and I think they’re my favorite so far this month.


So many of us were disgruntled by Monday’s Day 9 challenge. Called “Clean and Simple” the requirements were only one photo, 6 embellishments or fewer, and all of it could take up no more than ¼ of the page.  I’m not the only one who considers all this empty space a waste of money.  I kind of like what I ended up with though. If I have no other pages with so much empty space maybe I’ll print this one as it is in my next album instead of revising it to have more photos or journaling.


I finished it early in the day, so that was nice. But in the evening I guess I was feeling like I hadn’t scrapped for the day because I wanted to make another page. I felt much better after making this page with photos I’d collected while watching the Pentatonix Christmas Special last month.  It will be another favorite of this month.


I even listened to another round of their Christmas songs while finishing it. And I’ve been listening to their other songs while typing this blog post. I’m still obsessed!

As usual, you can see all these scrapbook pages bigger and read product credits in my 2017 Scrapbook gallery.

Thanks for looking!


Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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