Project 52 Week 2 {Goals} Home Improvement

This week’s ClickinMoms (affiliate link, thanks!) Project 52 assignment was not so much a photography challenge as a personal challenge. I hadn’t yet mindfully planned for any goals for this year yet. So I opened up Notepad and started typing some ideas. I remembered that actually I had set a few, but it took me 3 days (since the assignment was posted Sunday) to think of what I would like to photograph.

1. I decided over a month ago to commit to Project 52 this year. But how would I photograph that? It could be any photo, I suppose. Here’s one of my favorite photos I made for last year’s Project 52 while I was still participating consistently. But I wanted to photograph something that represented my goals.

Waiting in the Van For Sisters in Drama Club

I Intend To Read At Least 12 Novels in 2016
2016 Project 52 Week 2 {Goals}

2. Like last year, I’m setting myself a goal in Goodreads. In 2016 my goal was to read 12 novels, because while I read a lot of non-fiction I had been neglecting fiction. I met that goal in the summer. Still, I’m only raising my goal by a few books for 2017 because I have so much I want to do and I often find it challenging to make time to read, even though I want to very much.

I am currently trying to read a few books. Just before 2016 ended I began reading Pierce Brown’s trilogy and finished Red Rising. But I only got 3 chapters read in Golden Sun before I was distracted by Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, which I’ve been reading ever since. Fascinating!

As for my photo of this week, this is the goal I photographed last year (left) so I wanted to do something different this time.
3. I will finish all the exercises in The Visual Toolbox finally! I’ve been trying on and off for three years!

4. I will make my daily walks longer and a little more vigorous. My daily walking habit as been well established for a few years now but I feel like I could do more to be even healthier and stronger.

5. I hope to finally settle into a system of personal journaling I’m happy with (something I’ve been trying to find for several years).

6. Realizing I have been neglecting Instagram despite believing it to be a valuable resource, I intend to look at it on a daily basis this year and post at least my Project 52 photo every week, as well as my scrapbook pages.

7. Then, finally, I thought of something I would like to photograph. I’m not making any promises, and this isn’t like a new resolution or anything — it has been a constant for the 16 years we’ve owned this house — but Home Improvement is something I’d like to work on better this year. Some specifics are:
a. improve my paper and digital filing systems (I started using Evernote more often last May but still don’t use it regularly; I’m thinking of just using Notepad,Reminders, and my camera though. Do I even need Evernote?)
b. reorganize our “blue room” which was originally designed to be a room with a desk for each of our homeschooling kids, and stored communal materials and tools, most of which are no longer used
c. make our mantel neater, hang a few more pictures (already did a little of this last week!), and otherwise beautify our home
d. fix our daughter’s door and other things that need fixing
e. clean out the basement
How to represent all this? How about a collage?


If you’re curious about the photos making up the collage, stay tuned. I’m going to use them in today’s MOC5 challenge.

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