Scrappy Sunday: MOC5 Days 10 through 15

I’m still keeping up with MOC5 (The 5th annual Month of Challenges at The Lilypad, completing at least one page every day. Yes, a few days I’ve made more than one page. One day it was just something I wanted to make, and a few other days I completed some designer challenges. (The kit designers offer challenges every month too, for which sometimes we earn coupons to their store.)

On the 10th we were given a technique challenge. These might be my favorite because I like learning a new skill in digital scrapbooking. This time it was drop caps. That’s when the first letter in a block of text is larger and sometimes a different font. I had a lot of pictures and a lot to say, so I made it a two-pager. See it bigger in my gallery if you’d like to read it; product credits are also there.


I was glad I happened to wake up early on the 11th so I saw that day’s challenge before 8 a.m. and could get it done early. The assignment was to photograph 8 a.m. or 8 p.m. and scrap about it.


That page came together so fast, when I read a forum thread in which we were asked to share our scrapping spaces, I was inspired to go through my files and create a layout showing my nook over the 6 years since I began working in this space.


Then we had a template challenge on the 12th. I was scurrying to read this book before I had to return it to the library (requests by others prevented me from renewing it) and also I was so fascinated by it, it seemed like a great subject for a scrapbook page.


We seem to be getting a lot of journaling challenges but that’s fine by me. On the 13th we were told to journal on the theme “explore.” The word “explore” had to appear on our page at least once and I think there was a minimum number of sentences required, like 4. (I am never challenged by minimum requirements for journaling. 😉  I have to give Robert credit for giving me the idea for this page. I was still in bed with him when I read the challenge post in the TLP forum on my phone and I shared it with him. He said, “Well, you and Heather explore a lot when you go on your walks.”  Brilliant idea. I felt a little pressed for time or I would have made this a two page spread. I’ve accumulated SO MANY pictures of our explorations since we began walking together in 2011.


Later that night I felt like scrapping more and I decided to do designer Dawn Inskip’s template challenge with Sherlock pictures. It’s kind of stretching my rule about never making one photo layouts anymore, but I managed to blend a couple more pictures into the background. 😀


The 14th brought us the two-page layout challenge. There were a few other minor rules besides that it had to be two pages, including there must be a title, the pictures had to be of the same event/theme, and we had to use 4 patterned papers and 5 embellishments. I realized I hadn’t scrapped Christmas yet, so that was perfect. Even with two pages, I still had to eliminate a few photos I would have liked to include.


I actually did the two-pager between midnight and 1 a.m. on the 14th because it was posted at midnight and I hadn’t yet gone to bed for the 13th!  So I could have skipped scrapping on the 14th during the day. Instead, I made two pages for designer challenges.

First, I filled in a template from one of TLP’s resident template-designers, Scrapping With Liz with photos our our first snow storm we had last week.


Then, Fiddle Dee Dee gave us this fun template. It originally had only the two small photo spots. I added three more below, and then found the William Street Bridge photo went really well in the large rectangle intended for a piece of paper. It was still hard to limit myself to 6 pictures when there were several more possibilities.


Last but not least, today, the 15th, we were given another technique challenge. It was easy. We just had to blend two papers together. The music print is a separate paper, just black and white, and underneath that is a watercolor-look blue paper. I applied a blend mode (Multiply) to the music print so the color and some texture of the bottom paper would show through. I also erased a portion of the print so it wouldn’t interfere with my journaling. This page was inspired (besides by the challenge) by the Pandora app giving me the notification in the upper right corner at the end of the year. I made a screen shot of it because I was impressed by the numbers and I thought I might want to make a scrapbook page about the music I’ve been enjoying.


Now we’re all up to date!  As usual, you can see these bigger and read product credits in my 2017 Scrapbook gallery.


Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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