MOC5 Days 16, 17, 18, & 19

I’m still at it, making every day’s scrapbooking assignment on the day it’s posted. I love how busy the forum is at The Lilypad and it’s amazing the servers aren’t burning up with the many pages being uploaded constantly this month!

On the 16th we were to tell a story with just pictures. I’ve been helping the girls practice their lines a lot recently for the two plays they’re working on. One, a funny version of The Beauty and The Beast, will be performed February 2 and 3. The other, Bye Bye Birdie, will be at the beginning of April.


On the 17th we were given another inspiration image, but it was more flexible than the first time. (Click the link to see the image in the thread at the forum.) There are a pair of glasses in the inspiration image which reminded me I had yet to scrap about Rhiannon getting glasses in September. The same day we picked them up she bought some new clothes and we had a photoshoot, so I got a lot of photos of her in her new glasses.


Also on the 17th I made a couple more pages for designer challenges. Both Kate Hadfield and Pink Reptile Designs gave us templates. Of course, I significantly changed both templates to fit more pictures in!

I used Kate’s template to gather several old photos of Rhiannon’s earliest singing. The littlest photo in the middle is a still captured from a video of her singing her own song “The Papasan Chair” when she was just 23 months old. There’s actually a verse – chorus – verse pattern!


Realizing I hadn’t scrapped much of my December walks, I used Pink Reptile Design’s template for a day I made several photos on a walk around my neighborhood.


On the 18th we had to scraplift someone else. I thought it was clever how it was arranged. Instead of telling us all to scraplift the same person as is often the case, we were to scraplift the person who posted before us in the thread. You can compare my page to the page I scraplifted on my gallery page at TLP. Since I made a couple of pages of Rhiannon the day before, I decided I wanted to scrap something about Caroline. She has been very camera shy in the last year, but I made the best of it!2017-01-18moc-scraplift-hidingcarolineWEB.jpg

And finally — until tomorrow — on the 19th we scrapped lists of 2016 accomplishments. Here’s what I came up with. I’m especially happy with it, after initially having balked at the idea a bit. I used a template I hardly had to alter too, which was nice!


Have you been enjoying Month of Challenges?  Only 12 more pages left to do!

See all these pages bigger and with product credits in my 2017 Scrapbook gallery.



Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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