Month of Challenges Day 20, 21, & 22

As you can see in several previous posts, I’m participating in The Lilypad’s Month of Challenges. Last night I technically missed making my layout on the day it was posted, at least in my time zone, not finishing it until 12:10 a.m. But it was still Saturday for me, as I had yet to go to bed, as well as for several other time zones west of me. Of course it doesn’t matter. We could do all 31 Month of Challenges pages the day they’re due, Thursday February 2. Ha ha!  I wonder if anyone has ever done that? I think the largest number of layouts I’ve ever done in one day is 5 and that may have only been once. Usually I only make one or two pages in a day.  Rarely, if I’m extra inspired and have lots of time, I’ll make three. But that’s in months other than January!  Now that we’re nearing the end of January and I’ve made at least one page every day this month, I’m beginning to feel slightly weary of scrapping. I have more time to scrap today, but I’m not sure I will.

Friday, before scrapping for MOC, I actually made a page that wasn’t part of the challenges. I shared it in my previous blog post, Project 52 Week 3 “Guilty Pleasures.”

For our 20th challenge of the month, we scrapped “imperfect photos,” ones that are blurry or poorly exposed or badly composed or whatever we define as imperfect. I decided to scrap my daughter Rhiannon’s cooking the previous night because I’d snapped a few really quick photos and one of them was crooked and contains blur. It was a great scrapping subject though. She’s becoming a great cook!


I was surprised to find myself challenged by our 21st assignment yesterday. It was so simple — scrap song lyrics that are meaningful to us — and I’ve even done it before. But I just couldn’t think of a song I feel strongly about right now. I am obsessed with a band though — Pentatonix — and all their songs. So, finally, around 10 p.m., I spent some time listening to their songs while following along with lyrics I found via google search, copying down the ones I like best in my Notepad. At midnight I was at the point when I feel almost done with a page but keep scrolling through my digistash to see if there’s anything else I want to add, and for a half second I felt miffed to have broken my streak of finishing every layout the day it was posted. I know it doesn’t really matter; I guess I can be a little competitive with myself.


We had a lot of leeway with the 22nd challenge today — to make a “filled up layout.” The only specific rule was that our page had to contain at least 5 photos. Otherwise we just had to fill it up with a lot of digital scrapbooking elements. I find this fun. But it took me a while to decide on the subject of my page. I was procrastinating with things like scrolling on Facebook, and it was there that I was inspired. I had known there were going to be marches here in the U.S. but when I kept seeing photos of marches around the world, I was amazed! I feel so loved by the world.


I took all the photos for this page from Women’s March on Washington Goes Global: Postcards From Protests Around the World on NPR. See my scrapbook pages larger and their product credits in my 2017 Scrapbook gallery.


Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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