For Sale: 37 Books About Pregnancy & Childbirth

Pregnancy and childbirth are a couple of my longtime, most favorite topics. I read about them even as a kid. I think I bought my first book on the topic before I even met my husband. After my first pregnancy I began thinking I’d like to be a doula. Around the time of my third pregnancy I even considered being a midwife.

During those years, I collected all of these books:

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 8.43.22 PM.png

This is a screen shot of the books in my GoodReads account. I just scanned them all in. If you want to read more about them click here. By the way, I have one more book that Goodreads doesn’t know about. A sort of thick paperback coffee table book, it’s called Generations: A Universal Family Album, edited by Anna Cohn and Lucinda Leach.  Also I have a year or two of decade-old Mothering magazines; perhaps they should go in the recycle bin.

My youngest baby turned 10 years old a few months ago. We’re cleaning out our basement, where these books have been crammed into a bookcase, barely touched in a decade. It turns out that I don’t want to be a doula after all. I loved being pregnant, giving birth, and having babies though, and these books are like treasures to me. But they should not be sitting on a shelf collecting dust; they should be used.

Usually when I’m done with books, I donate them to my local library, but this is a special collection and I’m imagining there must be someone just beginning to work toward becoming a doula or a midwife, or maybe a young person about to embark on parenthood, who would like to have them.  Ideally this person lives in Virginia, like me, so we can make the transaction in person. Shipping this many books would surely be expensive! As for the cost of the books, I’d like to receive a few offers and choose the best one.  If I get no offers for the whole collection, I’ll consider offers for subsets or individual books.

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