Month of Challenges Days 23 – 26

As you may know from my previous several posts, I’m keeping up with the 5th annual Month of Challenges (MOC) at The Lilypad, completing a scrapbook page (or two page spread) every day. It’s my second year, I still haven’t gotten behind, and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. Okay, I’m occasionally feeling a little weary of scrapbooking and I’m looking forward to only making 1 to 3 pages per week for the remainder of the year. 😀

Day 23 we had the very creative prompt, “If these walls could talk . . . ” and we had to journal from the point of view of the wall (or multiple walls).  I was hesitant at first. Then I thought of what the walls in Washington, D.C. might be saying right now. But I didn’t really want to go there. Finally, I thought about how much change the walls of our house have seen in the 16 years we’ve lived here. I focused on the family room. This is one of my favorites of the month.  See it larger, with product credits, in my gallery.


On the 24th we were given a premade cluster we had to use on our page. I felt neutral about it. Major clustering is not really my style. It’s cool that it came with individual elements we could add to the page though, and with which we could make the photo appear to be embedded in the cluster. I liked using one of the cluster elements for frames for additional photos too.


I think the person hosting MOC Day 25 lives on the west coast and we had to wait a bit longer for the assignment to be posted so I decided to do one of the designer challenges while I waited. This is Dawn Inskip’s January template challenge and the third page I’ve made that I intend to gather in a cookbook of my favorite recipes.


We were taught a fun technique for Day 25: turning a photo into a sketch and adding back in some color. I decided to focus on part of our downtown library, a place we’ve spent many hours over the last decade. Homeschool group meetings. Rehearsals. Recitals. Every photo on this layout was photographed in the library theater, colored in on the left side of my sketch, except the two photos I took outside the library. Feel free to zoom in and read the journaling (and find product credits) in my gallery. I even included a little library history.


Finally, I just completed another two page layout for Day 26. The assignment was to make a pocket style page, including at least 4 photos, 2 journal cards, and 4 sentences of journaling. I considered making something like weekly or monthly page, but I decided to scrap some photos I found the day before while searching for the oldest homeschool group meeting I could find at the library theater for that page. It’s especially timely because Heather and I walked at Lake Anna last weekend and I was telling her that I vaguely recalled doing something related to gold mining with our homeschool group at Lake Anna long ago, but I wasn’t sure.  Well, here are the pictures to prove it! You can read the journaling and product credits in my gallery: LEFT side, RIGHT side.


Just 5 more MOC pages to go!


Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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