MOC Days 27 & 28 AND Project 52 Week 4

My TLP Month of Challenges scrapping binge continues! (See several previous posts.) Friday I didn’t scrap anything. I had other work to do, like create the program for my girls’ next Drama Club show, Beauty & The Beast. Then we did some shopping all afternoon and in the evening my son wasn’t feeling well, so I snuggled up with him.

But today, Saturday, I caught up again. Friday, the 27th challenge was to put together two templates. See them in The Lilypad forum thread here if you’d like. I decided to scrap some photos I snapped while playing games with my family Thursday night. I think I made the image clickable, but if not, click here to see this page larger (and credits) in my gallery.


Today, the 28th challenge of the month was an easy one. We just had to scraplift one of several choices of pages in a Pinterest gallery. You can see the two pages from which I got inspiration here in my TLP gallery posting. I scrapped my Project 52 Week 4 photo. The topic for Week 4 was “selfless selfie,” meaning a photo of me without me in it. I lacked photographic creativity this week.  I don’t love my photo but my scrapbook page improves on it. See it larger and read product credits by clicking on the image or here.


I’m a little sad there are only 3 more MOC challenges left.

I am looking forward to not scrapping EVERY day though. Though I’ve taken at least a few photos almost every day, they’re mostly with my iPhone. I let 8 days go by without picking up my DSLR between shooting for Project 52 Weeks 3 and 4, and I don’t like that. In February I plan to return to my 2016 habit of daily shooting with my DSLR. Not like a Project 365 though. I’m going to focus on the Project 52 topic each week and The Visual Toolbox lesson of the week.  You read it here. Send me comments asking me things like, “Have you worked on this week’s photos today?” and “What are you photographing today?”



Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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