MOC Days 29, 30, & 31 and Then I Kept Scrapping!

In the busy-ness of the last week, I nearly forgot to blog about my last 3 pages for The Lilypad’s Month of Challenges. I completed the challenge, never getting more than a day behind on any of the daily assignments. And I’m not even tired of scrapping. In fact, I didn’t stop when MOC was over. On February 1 I participated in a Slow Scrap (like a speed scrap, but you have a whole day instead of just two hours).

On the 29th our challenge was to create a photoless scrapbook page. I decided to create another page for a cookbook I’m planning.2017-01-29moc-photoless-clementinecookies1000.jpg

The 30th challenge was kind of odd but as usual I ended up with something I really like. I probably won’t print it as is, but may add it as an element to another page. The rules were that we had to place one of a several choices of arch shapes centered on a white page and then decorate it, making sure that everything touched the arch or something else that was connected to the arch. After a while, I came up with the idea of using the elements I love so much in my current TLP signature, and it grew from there.


Last but not least, for our last challenge of The Month of Challenges, we were simply required to include a map on our page. Heather and I had just had a very interestingly-shaped walk downtown that we happened to record with the Map My Walk app, so I was ready. And I love maps so I enjoyed making this very much. It was actually my second map-based layout of the month!


I didn’t want to stop scrapping even though the month of challenges was over. On February 1st I eagerly read about the new challenges for February. Just the usual 7. And then I participated in that day’s Slow Scrap, which guided us to place most of our elements very precisely on the page.


Then I got busy again, but managed to squeeze in a Make It Snappy speed scrap on Friday.


But I didn’t scrap again until today, Tuesday.  I completed my first February challenge, the template. I felt like scrapping some old photos so I made this page about my maternal grandparents. The only changes I made to the original template were adding a third photo, extending all the elements to fill more of the width of the page, and adding elements to the top of the page.


As usual, see the pages larger and read product credits in my Scrapbook gallery.  Thanks for visiting!




Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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